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LEGOLAND Florida: Interactive Attractions For Children

LEGO lovers rushed the entrances of LEGOLAND Florida in hopes to purchase some of the most popular toys. In bright, vibrant colors, families posed with huge sculptures that featured Albert Einstein as well other famous characters such as dinosaurs as well as Darth Vader while southern belles watched from afar and smiled brightly as they weren’t needed anymore and thanks to an awesome promo campaign by our pals over there who were able to make it happen once time.

These are just a few of the reasons you should visit LEGOLAND Florida.

1. Interactive Attractions and Activities for Children

It is indeed an interactive park that is interactive. Ford Driving School allows children to drive mini cars along two-lane roads that have stop signs and roundabouts. Children can also choose between making their own LEGO cars or programming computerized robots with Mindstorms. It’s not only about having fun. There are plenty of activities that can help you get out of those tu quoque wheels due to a reason or another (whether it be that your kid requires more exercise than he/she gets daily while his pal is keeping him busy during free time).

Children of all ages will be entertained by all ages will enjoy the DUPLO village or the barn. The older children will have fun at the Forestman’s Hideout, and Pharaohs Revenge. For those who want to manufacture their adventure, there’s an interactive section featuring laser guns that are suitable for all ages at The Lost Kingdom Ride within the Land Of Adventure.

2. Roller Coasters

Coasters aren’t only for thrill-seekers. LEGOLAND Florida has a wide range of roller coasters which will keep you busy and your heart racing. There’s one more than the ones that are available at the California sister park (4 as opposed to 3). Though this might be disappointing for certain visitors however, there is plenty of chances to visit this destination hattan park for families to go to the many attractions, including Coasteraurus the wooden dinosaur coaster as well as Flight School made from suspended steel. The attraction is a little different due to its airborne experience.

3. Cypress Gardens

The Cypress Gardens, Florida’s oldest and most well-loved natural space is home to incredible nature. The park was founded in the year 1933. It is famous for its massive Banyan Tree which stands among 39 other magnificent trees.

4. Water Ski Show

The Battle for Brickbeard’s Bounty is an action-packed show that will have you cheering and gasping. Miss Miranda, her imperial soldiers fight Captain Brickerhead’s pirates using the help of waterski jumping, tricks and other activities. You’ll be splashed during the first five rows. Keep your cell cameras and phones from being wet, if possible.

5. LEGO Brick Creations

Miniland is by far the most loved attraction in every LEGO park. There, iconic structures and buildings from all over the world are brought to life through original representational creations constructed from 50 million bricks which are only available at this Florida location! Uniquely creative features include representations of Miami Beach as well as Kennedy Space Station among other areas not too far such as Daytona International Speedway or Key West which is why it’s worth visiting even if you’re not one to play games all day long.

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