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Must-Have Features For Driver App

Mobile technology is essential to help your business remain on top of the marketplace. In the last few years, technology has changed rapidly. There are many inventions popping up at every turn. This includes taxis. Your taxi will be distinguished from other competitors by being able adapt rapidly to new services such as Uber-like or car rental companies that provide similar amenities at lower prices while still providing better service to customers than traditional taxi services.

There are numerous kinds of taxi apps available on the market. The only one developed for established businesses in need is called the One Type. It allows customers to book their rides swiftly and helps drivers find possible fare options faster than before.

The creators realized that passengers and drivers have different requirements, so they designed two applications. This offers better-customized features for both sides involved. It gives you an exclusive opportunity to get just what you need without any distractions or interference.

The most important features for Driver Apps

The taxi industry faces increasing competition. One important aspect of keeping loyal customers is to make sure that drivers have access to their application. Driver-friendly features give new customers and existing ones to spend more time on job with less hassle. This leads to more effective service delivery for all.

Vehicle Tracking System (GPS)

The drivers always prefer mobile apps that minimize their efforts and give the best advice. The GPS tracking system tracks the location of passengers, but once they have shared their permission it becomes easier for drivers to find them when they need them.

Button to Check Availability

Drivers will now be able to make use of their phones to let them know they are available for any new requests, and also get information. The driver will be informed immediately in the event of an order. They can then locate another price or provide further information, such as the location of their vehicle.

Driver Dashboard

Drivers will now be able examine their overall performance in comparison to other drivers and gain useful statistics regarding their trips. They can also read customer feedback from previous trips for any negative or positive comments that were left by riders before deciding if this is something to improve on in the future.

Alerts via SMS and Email

Important notices will be sent to cabs via SMS or by email. They are also able to reply to queries via an acceptor decline option with a simple interface which is great for both parties of the transaction.

Begin/End Ride

Maps can be a simple way to pinpoint your location. This map will show you which drop-off or pickup points are located and makes it easy for everyone.

Accept/Decline Cab Requests

A passenger can request transportation and receive a quick response. If the driver isn’t available within 15-30 seconds of receiving their notification through the app, then it means there’s no cars available in this region which could take them away.

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