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Relief Funds For Yemen

Yemen is currently in a humanitarian crisis. The worst cholera outbreak that has ever struck the globe has claimed the lives of thousands and left millions more sick. In the meantime, hunger strikes continue in Yemen, as people protest against the oppression by government troops. They are being accused of using uncontrolled bombardment campaigns to demolish regions controlled by rebels, with no regard for civilian lives or infrastructure areas.

16 million people go hungry each day in Yemen, and with the health system essentially collapsed thanks to more than seven years of conflict There’s no one to turn. Because there is nowhere else to go but their homes, COVID19 victims of the virus are dying because they aren’t sure which direction to take.

The country’s changing circumstances create a perfect environment to facilitate HIV transmission. 4 million people in the country are in poverty, with no where to go. The cost of food continues to rise and wages remain very low. This means that there isn’t enough money is available for essential needs like the provision of clean water and healthcare. It’s because of this that the pandemic won’t be contained without international support. However, it’s vital to act quickly before it is too late.

Although the Yemenite people have been fighting Cholera since long ago and are currently in danger. There could be some hope due to international organizations like Save The Children USA and World Vision UK supporting them in COVID-19.

What Welfare Trusts can be used to help Yemenis

In times of immense suffering, the welfare trusts have provided millions of people with lifesaving water and food. They provide COVID-19 hygiene kit to prevent infection, which has already killed a number of Yemenis.

Welfare trusts in Yemen have worked tirelessly to the benefit of Yemen’s vulnerable population for the past several years. They continue to offer humanitarian aid under extreme circumstances where they have to contend with conflict and difficulties reaching their desired locations which is one reason why there’s such a demand for international organizations that can provide similar services.

In an era when many people are struggling to make ends meet and are struggling to make ends meet, we’re grateful that there’s help for those in need. Partnering with local groups and providing food items as well as cash so people can buy essential products while also helping the economy could lead to a reduction in hunger, or at a minimum, closer than before.

The numerous generous donors who donate their time and resources for this cause have provided women in Yemen an additional source of optimism. Hospitals for mothers are supported by charitable donations. This ensures that all women can give birth to babies without health issues or dehydration. Rehabilitation centers also provide post-birth treatment, including medications when needed.

A number of welfare trusts have begun giving hygiene kits to families living in camps. They also distribute safe drinking water to schools and hospitals as a response.

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