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What Are The Lightsabers?

The lightsaber, one of the most famous weapons from science fiction, is also a common object in Star Wars. The glowing blade can be used to cut through almost any material and make a cool sound as you move your toy version. However, behind this amazing fact, there’s an interesting story about how these toys were designed for both film purposes or just as toys by kids who wanted to fight like themselves out loud in their homes without adults around, mind you.

The Lightsaber is a storied weapon with a rich tradition. It’s been involved in many battles, and its effectiveness has only grown over time as technology has improved. Certain aspects of the canon’s official version weren’t listed, despite being mentioned elsewhere. This includes details about which colors each lightsaber should be in accordance with where they were derived from. The reason for these omissions could have to do with the fact that Lucasfilm doesn’t want anything inconsistent within its universe . However, there are many who are interested in every specific, so it’s up to me to help the fans who want answers.

They were originally created by The Dark Side

The lightsabers we love might have been precursors of something more powerful. Force sabers were designed by Force Hounds working for an Infinite Empire. These crystals focused on dark energy were utilized by the Infinite Empire’s citizens as weapons before becoming what we know as “lightsaber” blades.

Due to their links to the Dark Side of The Force, many on the light side were wary, more so as the Force Saber’s influence was too strong. The user can be transformed into a fighter for the evil side if they were to grab one of these weapons.

There’s more to them than swords.

The traditional lightsaber is a regular blade, but it’s able to be customized in numerous ways. One such variation is what’s called “lightship,” which instead utilizes emitters strands that are positioned to the handle, rather than only one large emitter that is at the top for cutting through whatever that you wish to, with precise precision.

You’ll need batteries for the First Lightsabers

The first lightsabers were similar to the ones we have in the present. They used a poor battery pack that would overheat and create hot wires however, it’s not surprising considering the first use of this weapon type in ancient times as well.

The Sith continued to push lightsaber technology and its use forward with the development of an efficient power cell for their lightsabers. It could be placed inside the handle.

A Lightsaber is able to cut through nearly anything

There is nothing a lightsaber can’t do in cutting through any kind of material. However, just like any other weapon or tool, its potential victims, particularly those who are opposed to the usage of lightsabers will try their best to avoid getting struck by this incredible power source.

With a wide range of materials to choose from, the bounty hunters who specialize in Mandalorian iron can utilize any kind of shape and type. Cortosis is one of the materials that can short circuit lightsabers but it’s toxic for humans so they’re refined into armor? Phrik might also be resistant to lightsaber sword blades, however it has no effect on them.

Lightsabers created a problem for amphibious racers

Although there aren’t any things that could stop the lightsaber’s movement, water is one requirement. Even a little rain isn’t going to cause much damage since the weapon will smoke and sizzle when it’s in contact with water. Once this happens the weapon will be submerged in the liquid to cover any indications of destruction until the following year.

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