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What Is The Cause Of Latency?

The term “latency” refers to the time it takes your device and your computer to respond after you complete the action of clicking an online link. While this doesn’t impact the majority of people’s Spotify listening and video streaming, it can be a problem for gamers who utilize satellite internet. Satellite internet is able to work with more precision than wired connections. It could also result in a slower performance when playing games because of high packet loss rates from lengthy pings.

It is the time between the input you experience (in this case , an anchor) and how quickly that gets delivered to others. This is a major issue if you’re playing online video games, or watching YouTube videos. It can impact the speed of response because things may not be as precise as they should.

What’s the reason for Latency?

End-users and gamers who want being able to access their favorite content from anywhere and at any time are affected by latency. Latency can be affected by factors like the distance between you (and the server) and any intermediate elements like Wi-Fi speeds or internet connection type. Also, you can have an effect on the type of router and modem combination you select there are lots of choices! It doesn’t have to be difficult even if you are confused at first. We’ll explain every part of the procedure here.


Latencyis the time it takes for information to travel from one location in space to another. This refers to the distance between your machine and any server(s), which is how much data you’re seeking from said machine. If the distance between them isn’t sufficient, there will be an increase in the latency.

Propagation Delay

Propagation delays are a major factor in determining how much latency experienced when browsing on your smartphone or computer. It can also impact other metrics like download speeds as well as upload speeds, and wireless connections.

The types of Internet Connection

There is a significant difference in the latency between different internet connectivity types. Fiber, cable, and DSL all have less speed that satellite. Satellite’s architecture means that it requires more space for transmission. This means more lengthy wait times and also better buffering on websites you wish to access like audio or video.

What’s on a Website

Did you ever click on one of those links only to wait for several minutes for it to load? This is due to someone trying too hard on their Angelfire page. Since they had glued The Office memes all across it, it is now taking longer to visit each time.

Your browser has to download large files, like videos or HD images, whenever you visit a website. If they’re stored on a server that is far from the site you’re visiting currently, there could be some latency due to the distance.

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