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Friendly, fast process and good response

Establishing Cliff’s Cycle Revolution has brought to life Cliff’s dream of creating a dealer, a destination, and a philosophy all rolled into one – a dealership where riders experience a genuine warm welcome and outstanding service. Cliff has nurtured this dream throughout his successful business career – most recently as Senior Managing Director at a major Wall Street firm. His involvement with motorcycles began in 1984 when a Yamaha XT 250 was his only means of transportation at Colgate University. A series of motorcycles followed, including various makes leading up to an BMW R1200C Cruiser. His current stable includes all beautifully restored: 1940 R12 Military /sidecar ,1966 R60/2 with Steib sidecar, 1965 R69S, 1990 K-1, a 1947 Vincent Rapide,a 2006 R1200GS, a 2007 K1200GT, and a KTM XC200. In 1999, Cliff founded, an internet-based riding group that has grown to nearly 350 members. Cliff is also known as “the guy with an R60 /2 tattooed on his forearm.” Yes, that photo below is a close-up shot of Cliff’s /2 captured forever as a reminder of his passion for these unique motorcycles. As a member of BMW Owners of America and the AMA, Cliff’s favorite local rides include the Vermont Gaps, Nova Scotia, and Dutchess County.

States Cliff, “I want to continue to raise the bar as far as dealerships go in our area. I believe I can deliver what BMWNA and other OEM’s desires in a dealership and also foster a sense of community between local riders. “We will continue to try dynamic and creative ideas, and continue to be EVENT driven. It has been my dream to own my own business, and more precisely, its been a dream for the last few years to own a dealership selling the ‘best motorcycles ever built’.“ When this opportunity presented itself, I knew it had to be done, and area riders deserve it.” This WILL ALWAYS be a great destination, I promise!”










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